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DM Power Solutions offers a variety of services to help you select the right battery for your particular requirements.

  • Expert advice to reduce nasty surprises
  • Avoid delays associated with regulatory issues
  • Understand fully your battery capabilities in chosen environment
  • Identify added features to enhance performance
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Battery usage consultancy for new designs:

  • Selection of the most appropriate battery type having identified key drivers
  • Where no clear best option is identified, selection of ‘almost’ options with pros and cons
  • Generation of a full specification for your battery power source
  • Evaluation of equipment needs and accurate capture of the power / energy requirements
  • Best matching of equipment requirements and battery power source for maximum efficiency
  • Mechanical design and interface
  • Identify value added features that may be appropriate for your battery power source
  • Identification of additional requirements – environmental & handling considerations and how this affects battery design
  • Help with the selection and evaluation of the most appropriate battery supplier
  • Support documentation
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Consultancy for existing battery designs:

  • Troubleshooting – evaluation of  an existing design not working as expected
  • Incident investigation – where something has gone wrong in use providing an independent input to identify /resolve any issues
  • Find potential alternative source where the original supplier has ceased trading or declared the product ‘obsolete’
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Other services:

  • Project support
  • Tender response documentation

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