Your access to independent advice on the selection of the best battery power source for your equipment.

Whatever your battery need, large or small, I will work with you from early in your design process. Having your own battery expert on hand will result in the optimum power solution for your product.

With 35 years of experience of working with advanced battery technologies, DM Power Solutions offers a service to designers and manufacturers of battery powered equipment.

Access our expert knowledge of battery options early in the design process, and save yourself time and money later on.

It is possible to find all types of advice and recommendations from the web, if you are happy spending your time searching and weighing up.

It’s just a battery, right?
  • But have you considered all the unknowns in your project?
  • Can you be sure that you have identified the options that are available to you?
  • Are you aware of added value features that could turn your good product into a great one?
thermal image failure detection

Supercharge your engineering project

Our early involvement in your project will give you the benefits of engineering the best power solution, giving an advantage in your market.

Identify features that can be added to your battery to bring enhanced performance and capabilities.

battery-powered flare

Avoiding risk in projects involving battery applications

  • Expert advice will help avoid nasty surprises late in your product development cycle
  • Identify power solutions using batteries with multiple cells, in series and parallel combinations, to match your equipment needs.
  • Avoid delays due to late realisation of regulations affecting your chosen battery, reduce risk by identifying which battery technology drivers will also need managing, and the most effective ways of achieving this.
  • Manufacturers’ data sheets show data from single, unpackaged cells. Behaviour in a packaged environment will differ, benefit from realistic performance projections rather than discovering a shortfall once in service.

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