The day is almost here, it is make your mind up time. June 23rd seemed so far away at the start of the year yet now it is upon us.

It should be simple, only the one question to which you have a binary answer. The only options are ‘0’ or ‘1’. The problem is an almighty bundle of information being thrown out by supporters of whichever side of the argument they are on, often contradictory to what may or may not have been said before. It is inevitable that this information will be skewed in favour of the argument putting it forward, and what is seen as factual by one side is labelled misleading by another. Inevitably the average voter has more of a life to get on with than wading through all the argument and counter argument to come to a reasoned decision. It is difficult to remain balanced and make sure that there is a reasonable equality of both views being received. Everyone will have an opinion based on what the most important factors are to them, sovereignty, economy, immigration, security and so on and there will be a tendency to filter information based on personal importance at the risk of excluding other vital data.

What relevance does this have to a blog on a website about battery selection and design? Well, imagine how much easier it would be to make your referendum choice if you could talk to an expert who has a completely neutral opinion regarding the final result, they just advise on what the right result is for you. Someone that you could talk to about what is important to you and objectively look at what all the options are, and give you a straight, unbiased answer as to what you should logically decide. Then all that time you would have spent researching is yours again, to spend as you see most useful and productive to you.

Selecting the best battery type and configuration is just as complicated, if not more so with various manufacturers and distributors all vying for your business. Plus, with so many variables to consider, the potential to fog the argument concerning a parameter vital to your product is significant. What you need is a truly independent advisor who is working just to your requirements who can give you a straight call on which option is best for you.

Getting an advisor involved is simple and cost effective. Take the next step in selecting the best battery for your project now by filling in the simple contact form on the contacts page of this website, or send an email directly to asking for help.

As for the referendum question, good luck!