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Broad Experience

Covering a broad range of battery technologies, David has been responsible for identifying battery types and configurations for use in areas such as:

  • Defence
  • Aerospace
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety and Hazardous Environments

He has also managed battery development projects from conception through to completion, importantly where these form part of much larger systems.

Real-life Battery Applications

He has a wealth of practical knowledge in the use of many types of lithium primary systems, for example thionyl chloride, manganese dioxide and sulfur dioxide.  He has also worked extensively with rechargeable battery types such as lithium ion and nickel metal hydride, where increased capabilities, such as state of charge / health and communication, require greater integration with the host equipment.

Your Project’s Battery Requirements

With experience of working with start-ups as well as major OEMs, he is used to advising of the performance requirements, mechanical design, safety, test and certification needed to ensure and demonstrate reliable operation of the battery in the intended application.

David Morris, Battery Applications and Design Consultant

David has worked in the battery industry for over 35 years. Initially working at RAE Farnborough, and then with Saft, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced batteries.

Do you need help with a battery specification?

DM Power Solutions provides an independent consultancy service that will work with you to identify the key parameters important to your product.