Okay, it is the time of year to put away all of your festive decorations. Pile them into a box, seal it up, then stuff it in the attic. Yes?


What about all those decorations that are battery powered? Please remember to remove all batteries before putting the flashing reindeer, dancing moose or twinkling fairy lights away. Leaving them in runs the risk of leakage with the result that your favourite laughing Santa gets a serious case of heartburn!

Also remember to keep ‘sets’ of batteries together. Do not mix up partially used batteries from different displays. When you come to use them again you will be fitting batteries with differing states of charge. Running the weakest battery into deep discharge, as will happen mixing batteries of differing states of discharge, is likely to result in leakage and damage to the kit being powered.

If storing the batteries for use in a years’ time, make sure they cannot short out by contact with others. My tip is to put an elastic band around each set of batteries removed so all are pip end up, then put each set into individual food bags. These should then be stored in a cool dry location.

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